A look back on the Integrated Reporting Roundtable with Clariant and Eni (English only)

On October 26, 2018 the Center for Corporate Reporting (CCR) hosted its seventh Integrated Reporting Roundtable. The participants gained insights into how Clariant and Eni are working on the following components:

«The added value of “connectivity” as opposed to “silo thinking”
and the disclosure challenges related to risk management»


Connectivity (Clariant)
by Claudia Kamensky, Senior Corporate Communications Manager

Clariant won this year’s annual report ranking for their integrated report “All in one”. Claudia Kamensky, Senior Corporate Communications Manager at Clariant, presented how “connectivity” supports the holistic picture of the combination, interrelatedness and dependencies between the factors that affect the organization’s ability to create value over time. Claudia showed that connectivity is one of the guiding principles for an integrated report and that judgement is needed in applying these principles, particularly when there is an apparent tension between them. She gave an insightful overview on how Clariant applies connectivity as a principle and how they connect the dots in different aspects. She concluded with an outlook on fields of improvement.

Risk Management (Eni)
by Cristina Saporetti, Monitoring, Reporting and Communication Manager, as well as
Domenica Surace, Risk assessment and monitoring Manager

The energy company Eni published its first integrated report in 2011. Eni was represented by Cristina Saporetti as well as Domenica Surace. They shed light on how risk management is linked to the content elements ‘risks & opportunities’ and cannot be looked at in isolation. A certain risk (or an opportunity) always refers – implicitly or explicitly – to an objective and a strategy as to how to achieve the objective. In the course of their presentation they gave a detailed picture on their Integrated Risk Management (IRM) model and how they managed the latest Italian regulatory requirements that have not really been in favor of integrated reporting.

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